Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fudged up February?

February has been a weird little month. 

It has jogged past too quickly, and I've felt stuck in a funk. Funk February. It would be very easy  to feel a total failure. Funk Fail. All the F words. 

But then, if I look at my goals - it's not totally awful. Yes, I've struggled with sticking to my planned eats, but I haven't chucked LOADS of weight on, I've just spent 2 months farting around 5lbs either side of 175. To lose 4 stone and maintain within 5lbs for 2 months isn't absolute failure.
That said, it is time to kickstart losing the NEXT 4 stone, it will feel so good to be maintaining 5lbs either side of 120!

I started the month feeling a bit worried about managing my target of completing 150 dips. Within  the first fortnight I had them DONE. 

So, has February been a total waste? No. I've had a lot of small stuff to cope with, but it's the small stuff that THROWS my quirky self. My weightwatchers leader changed, I had gluten-poisoned week of pain, I thought I'd had to change gym. This bunny does not cope with things changing, but here I am, still keeping my head above water, aware that I've let myself lose the plot a bit, but talking myself back up from the ledge.

  • Run a Marathon in January
  • Perform 150 dips
  • Complete level 1 kettlebells
  • Run 10km
  • Have a Healthy BMI
  • Work up to Sprint Triathlon distance
  • Swim in the Sea
  • Compete in a Spartan Race
  • Gorilla Run
  • Lose 50% of my start weight
  • Have Graduated to Kettlebells circuits
  • Half Marathon
  • COMPLETE 30by30 LIST

I started the month feeling good having run 26.39 miles and managed my marathon during January. I'd fallen behind mid-month, but pulled it back and completed my goal. 
On February 13th I'd completed the 150 dips program, and did the final test, expecting to need to redo the final week at least once. I was THRILLED when I managed 150 dips first time, I'd really worried that I would not manage it!!
I've missed 2 of the 6 classes for level 1 kettlebells, but thankfully seem to 'get it' and so graduated level 1 at the final class tonight. Ready to start level 2 next week. And then hopefully be ready to move on to kettle bell circuits for summer.

I need to focus on running again, I've done the first bridge to 10k run, but will do 2-3 runs a week through March to really move on in training. I have 8 weeks to cover the 17 runs left to do, to hit 10k run for end of April. The plan is still to run that distance twice weekly through the summer, before training towards a Half Marathon at the end of the year.

I am scared of August/September. I need to conquer my fear of the pull-up, so I can look forward to the Spartan Race. Have started doing abs/core work to get myself ready. Also, that Gorilla Run suit is HOT. Ran/walked just under 7k on my first bridge to 10k run last week, over a mile of it up a steep hill, in 53 minutes. Thinking about how much I can do now compared to a few months ago, I realise that I can do these 'impossible' things, if I stop feeling scared and just go for it. Make a plan, put in the work, get the results.

I am not 35lbs over my 'healthy weight' for May. 13 weeks until my the last weigh in in May. To lose 35lbs is possible still, I am going to have to really stop pissing about and eat right though. Same with reaching 50% start weight, 8 months to shift 4.5 stone is a good aim. Need to get back into the swing of eating clean and lifting heavy!

I have started cycling again at the gym, and am slowly doing more and more bike, and less elliptical. Have not done the swimming, and no aquafit as I can't get there from getting boys home from beavers, on time. I will add that back into the mix once I've done the kettlebell level 2 classes come May, and get up to the Triathlon distances. 

I waved at the sea when we were in Brighton a couple weeks back with Rachael after her Half Marathon (!). The kids went and paddled, but I'm saving myself for summer. ;)

I've booked on to archery course for June/July, and am feeling like my 30by30 list is doing just fine.

Looking at this, weight aside, I am right on track. I know how 'fix' where I am not. Another imperfect month, but I've made progress. I haven't coped well with things changing outside of my control, but I have done a better job of keeping myself from total self-destruction than in the past, and am bouncing back fresh with plans of how to achieve better for next time.

March will be a month for a fresh start, Spring and lighter evenings to run in, and a me who feels like she is doing just fine instead of falling apart.


  1. Wow, it looks like you've had a really busy month. Good luck hitting your goals in March :)

  2. Super busy month for you! Progress not perfection!

    1. Indeed. As long as there's progress, things are doing fine. ^_^ Letting go of the perfect can be hard though, necessary but hard.