Monday, February 11, 2013

I did NOT eat an extra 4000 calories each day. Wow those scales are rude!


weekly miles - 16.7
previous weight - 169.5 BMI 29.2
current weight - 178 BMI 30.6
gain - 8.5lb
% gain - 4.7%

I have not eaten an extra 28,000 kcal this week. I promise. This 8lbs is not 8lbs fat. Lots of water retention, lots of inflammation, maybe 1-2lb fat. Maybe.

I am so thrilled to be feeling back to normal again, working out yesterday felt good, and I'm not craving grains any more. Am very convinced that the healthy way forward now is to be gluten free, not just wheat.

Snow meant there was no weightwatchers meeting, instead we weighed in at home. Sam was down 1lb, considering he went out for a meal Friday, and didn't track properly Saturday/Sunday, that's good.

I spent the day plotting meals for the next week, and devouring a pack of Curly Wurlys. Have decided to give up chocolate for Lent, as it really is a 'food' I could eat all. day. long. If I know I'm not seeing it again until March, I reckon it'll make shifting some weight easier.

Am hoping to make a few more recipes from the Hairy Dieters cookbook -

  • Cottage Pie
  • Mediterranean Beef Burgers
  • Easy Crispy Chicken
  • Cumin Crusted Vegetables
  • Chilli Con Carne (again, it's SO good)
  • Moist Carrot And Sultana Cake (made this earlier in the week, before the spelt did me in. Was good)
  • Skinny Lemon Cupcakes With Drizzly Icing
  • Cheese Leek And Onion Pasties
I'm really enjoying doing some proper cooking again, and using new ingredients. 

I made the Carrot cake on Wednesday morning with Seth, keeping him involved throughout the process meant that he was happy to try the cake with sultanas in (always been a sticking point) he loved it. 
We used olive spread instead of the sunflower oil in their recipe, took the points value down significantly. 

I think, making it again, I'll add a little more of the spices, It came out beautifully, and the boys wolfed it down within hours, but I'd like it to be more zingy! I'm feeling more confident in tweaking recipes, making them the way I like them, and finding that other people are enjoying the food too is a bonus.

Ordered all the ingredients I'll need to make the recipes I've chosen to arrive in this weeks shop tomorrow, and happy to see that despite needing really specific ingredients, our bill isn't really any greater than usual. Feels good to eat carefully made meals, especially in the cold weather.

Tonight I helped out at Cubs as well, after Beavers. 3 hours of open flame cooking pancakes, and I'm shattered. Going to have a nice bath and cuppa. Day one back on track. Woohoo.

27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
2.4 miles


  1. It can't be 8lb of fat. It wouldn't go on that quick! Kick it's ass this week woman ^_^

    1. I'm kicking it alright. With my POINTIEST shoes on.

  2. So glad you are back in the zone,that 8lbs will soon be gone,it cannot be all fat no way - was just about to message you to find out how yesterday went but looked here first!

    1. Just, 8LBS. It still astounds me how very MUCH inflammation the gluten causes. Scary. And painful.
      I was less swollen post surgery!