Monday, February 04, 2013

It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backward.

A week of Alice seems to have done the trick. Those 5lbs from last week are off, plus an extra 1.5lb to slip me back on track for May - 13 weeks left until I want to be 'healthy', and 24.5lb to lose to be there.

weekly miles - 34.85
previous weight - 176 BMI 30.2
current weight - 169.5 BMI 29.2
loss - 6.5lb
% loss - 3.7%

So, so much better. I wore a (stretchy) size 12 dress to weigh in today, and just felt good even before I got on to the scales. Really would love to see 2lbs off next week, to take me down under 12 stone again, which was my original goal for Valentines day!

Sam lost 4lbs too, taking him to just 10lbs over the 30 BMI mark. I reckon he can get there by March if he sticks with it too. He's enjoying the food, just struggling with the urge to snack at work. He said he's intending to photograph his meals this week, as what he gets to eat/the portion sizes don't correlate with what he had in mind as 'diet food'.

Made the Special Cassoulet from the Hairy Dieters cookbook this afternoon, again it was wonderful. With these guys' instruction it's almost as if I can cook! A fairly point-heavy meal though at 13 pp a portion, but SO worth it. Tastes amazing and gave me a happy belly on which I got to clean up, do the laundry, prep for Beavers and do a fairly tiring shift down at the hut, after clean up and walking the boys home, I was shattered. Glad I didn't push myself to go to the gym earlier (I had meant to, but ran out of time to get necessary prep done for making a solar system this evening).

Plan to do my dips in the morning, and go for a run with Maya too, heading home for lunch and then going over to Reigate. Sam and I are both scheduled in for some tattoo time in the afternoon, before I have to head to Caterham for another Beaver leader training module. I've planned my food - going to eat the second portion of cassoulet before heading out, and make an omelette to take with me to eat for tea. Then once I get in from training I can get my kettlebells workout done.

36/26 ProPoints
2 litres
6 miles


  1. SIZE TWELVE??!! That's *awesome!* Bet it feels good, huh, huh?

    1. Stretchy. Very stretchy thin. But yes. a twelve. ^_^ Felt very good, though being back in jeans feels good too. *grin*