Saturday, February 02, 2013

Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.

I've pulled something in my neck/left shoulder, really annoying niggly pain. Am trying to 'hyper' it away with coffee, it's not working, but tastes good!

While I sat trying to fidget the ache out of my neck, I used the time to be useful and go through the as yet unplanned items on my 30 by 30 list. The others have specific 13in13 smart goals attached or have already been completed.

3. "Go Ape" - would be best to do over the summer, need to set a date and venue and invite people to join me!!

10. Take kids camping - my mum in law is always asking us to go away with her in the caravan. Might be worth seeing if there's somewhere she's going that we can mooch up and do 1-2 nights with her this year. Will chat to her about it tomorrow.

11. Music festival - Reading. Want to take the kids with if we were camping don't have the money really to do it, not when we'd need to rent tents etc. One day out at a festival for just *me* seems the best idea, and feels fair as Sam's going to paintball abroad this year.

12. Go technology free for a weekend. Not to be done the same time as my fast!! No TV, phones, radio, computers or Internet. Yes to using phone to take photos. Yes to leccy. Going to do it while Sam is away in France in June - organise some fun nature detectives stuff to do.

14. Go on a London Tour bus. On a weekday near Seth's birthday, a day Sam can come with.

15. Raise Butterflies - can purchase from Amazon, if I buy the setup in March, we can send off for the caterpillars then.

16. Fast for 30 hours - on world hunger day (May 28th) midnight tues-6am weds. Will donate the amount that is budgeted for *my* food during that time to the hunger project.

17. Be part of a flash mob - am hoping there will be another BFing flash mob for BFAW, and that the twins will still be (however sporadically) boobing by then!!

18. Moonwalk - I am stewarding the moonwalk, but have registered for the 'sunwalk' and will do the full marathon next year - figure doing the overnight shift counted towards it well enough!!

19. Geocache - I have the app! Will start this as soon as it's less like freezing out!

20. Learn first aid - booked to do my course in April.

21. Participate in a protest - nestle protest in May. Slutwalk in September.

23. Go to midnight screening, dressed up as a character - have to see what is coming up later on in the year, and will need to find out whether a hotel room is cheaper than a taxi home after!! The Host is one I want to see, but hardly 'dress up'.

25. Have 80's TV sleeve tattoo - getting there. Need to get more down though. Hoping to get the next piece done this week.

27. Take up Archery - I did my starter session, and have put my name on the list for a local club's beginner sessions this spring.

29. Steward an event. Registered to steward the moonwalk on May 11th.

Happier to see that worked out, nothing much needing any immediate attention, aside from getting more ink!!

Yesterday I did my dips interval test and managed 80 - more than I had imagined I would be able to perform.

Got out early and managed a trip to the playground with the kids before taking the boy to swimming. They thought me running about and climbing equipment was hilarious, was certainly less boring and cold than sitting on the bench! Once home, I dished out dinners and made my way out to the gym. Fairly sore after kettlebells the night before and walking the hills/playing that day, so distances were crap, but effort was there!

Cycle around the world 15min l5 - 6.1km
Xtrainer aerobic 15min l5 - 1.8km

Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
Fly 42.5kg 3x12
Leg press 70kg 3x12
Leg extension 45kg 3x12
Adductor 28kg 3x12 l6
Abductor 49kg 3x12
Pulldown 40kg 3x12

27/27 ProPoints
2.25 litres
9.5 miles

Today I woke with the neck of weirdness. Spent the morning huffing and puffing about it and did some minimal tidying too, before realising that I had to get out to buy a gift for Sam's sister as we're seeing his family tomorrow for her birthday. Walked over to Sainsburys with the crew and bought ingredients to make more lemon drizzle cake, as well as a bunch of Dirty Works bathroom supplies for her. Picked up the bits needed to make the Hairy Dieters 'special cassoulet' for Monday afternoon between gym and beavers/aquafit (as I only eat twice on Mondays, I can afford to eat a 13 pp meal then!)

Made the skinny leek lasagne when we got in, the recipe was easy to follow again, and it tasted beautiful.

I had bought one of my favourite chocolate bars (milka daim) at the shops as it was reduced to half
price, to make the kids coco pop cakes with, and *didn't* eat any, thanks to being distracted by some lovely gluten free jam tarts. Mmm. Kept me going over the 3 hours cooking and baking.

Made a large lemon drizzle, lemon iced cupcakes, coco pop cakes and the lasagne. Wrapped the presents, got the card signed and sorted laundry.

Then I got on and did an intense 20 minute kettlebell workout:

Kettlebell home (25 minutes max)

Warm up
20 squats
10 lateral twists each side
20 squats
Side stretch 10 each side

15 chest squats
15 l wrap squats
15 r wrap squats
(15 bicep curls)
15 chest squats
15 l wrap squats
15 r wrap squats
(15 bicep curls
15 shoulder press
15 tricep press)

15 chest squat & press
15 l wrap squat & press
15 r wrap squat & press
(15 bicep curls)
15 chest squat & press
15 l wrap squat & press
15 r wrap squat & press
(15 bicep curls
15 shoulder press
15 tricep press)

15 double swings
15 single left swings
15 single right swings
(30 bicep curls)
30 double swings
30 single left swings
30 single right swings
30 alternating swings
(30 bicep curls
30 shoulder press
30 tricep press)

Cool down stretches

Tomorrow I will run before we go over to my mum in law's, Maya wants to come too, so we'll likely do just 5k instead of pushing for 3.5 miles today.

30/27 ProPoints
2.25 litres
4.4 miles

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