Monday, February 25, 2013

Weak round up

Tuesday we went out for a big muddy stomp through Sydenham Hill woods. We walked around 6 miles that day, and had a really lovely time getting FILTHY with Elaine and co.

I'd planned all my food out, and had made Chilli to take with me for lunch. We had grapes to snack on and I'd taken a huge bottle of water. I was back on track.

Walking home I carried Malachi on my back, as he was barefoot after getting totally mudded. It had been a good day, we ended it by eating chippy (gluten free day) and a LOT of chocolate.

Then I remembered I was meant to be no-choc for Lent. I sulked. Then, even worse, I got a text message with Bad News.

I don't like change, I really don't. My weightwatchers leader is leaving. Within the week. I understand how Seth feels in moments like this. I really don't see how a leader change will be a bad thing, or effect my tracking ProPoints. But the CHANGE, the unexpected newness. Ugh.

So I ate cake. Lots of cake. And 3/4 portion of chips.

Wednesday I could FEEL the bloat. Felt tired and wanted to hide. So I spent the day eating and reading. Did get out in the evening and do some Beavers prep for the next week, and ran day 1 of the bridge to 10k - 4.25 miles in 53 minutes, uphill. But otherwise Wednesday and Thursday I felt rough and fluey and depressed and ate All The Things.

Thursday afternoon I felt rough. Headache hit and I had massive cramps from eating badly. Couldn't drag myself out to kettlebells and felt really shitty about myself. Friday I did marginally better, couldn't coax myself out at all, but did do 106 crunches for the 200 situps program.

I was saved on Saturday, having promised earlier in the week (before Tuesday's message of doom) to go and meet Alison to get the scout hut ready for painting and investitures, I had to get up and out. Still managed to eat rubbish, but did do 2 hours of useful stuff before heading to the gym and working out a bit.

Cycle around the world 20min lvl 5 - 9.85km

Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
Fly  42.5kg 3x12
Leg press 70kg 3x12
Leg extension 45kg 3x12
Adductor 35kg 3x12 l5
Abductor 56kg 3x12
Pulldown 40kg 3x12

Leg press 107.5kg x 5

Dips 3x12
Crunches (done yesterday - 106)
Plank 3x30s

For a laugh (har har) I tried lifting my top weight on the leg press. I could just do it. (I had just done my 36 regular ones..) and oh wow, my poor legs having had to shift that about every day. Was a good motivator to keep me on track and get back to lightening to load on my limbs..

Yesterday we were out again, to the zoo. Another fab day, another day where I ate too much junk at the end of it. I knew that I'd have put on come weigh in, I feel bloated and crampy. Just need to get my head out of my arse and get back to eating properly. Ugh.

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