Monday, March 11, 2013

a pound of rye...

Hardly surprised to see a gain today. Although considering how much time I've spent in the bathroom, it's scary that I'm bloated enough to *still* have a gain. :s

previous weight - 173 BMI 29.7
current weight - 174 BMI 29.9
gain - 1lb
% gain - 0.6%

The snow meant no gym first thing, my bloating and rye cramping on top of the period cramps I've had already meant I hid in bed and sulked until late. Given that I'm still smelling like a dead farm animal, I chose NOT to go to weightwatchers meeting.

Have stuck to my planned food for breakfast, which is a start. Hoping to get out for a run in a bit, in the snow. Need to make up for yesterday's mile too!

I want 5lb off this week, take me back under the lowest weight I've managed so far, and it'll mean that with a 2lb loss the next week, I'll be out of the 12 stones for Easter. Not the milestone I wanted, but I'll take it.

Have a busy weekend coming up, and I need to spend some time this week preparing for my module validation for Beavers next Monday. I do not need to be in pain because of what I've eaten, or feeling crabby or tired. I know how good I feel when I eat right, and I know that this 'blip' in motivation or willpower is something that won't last forever, I can ride it out.

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