Friday, March 08, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Hadn't realised until this morning that it was, so have nothing planned to do 'for' it. I did listen to (and buy) the song 'One Woman' from UNWoman though, and I have pledged to participate in a Protest at the end of the month, for Independent Midwives. I do appreciate the work being done for women's freedom and choice, even though it's sad it's still necessary.


Did go to the gym again Wednesday night, and took it s-l-o-w, did a gentle cycle/elliptical, and some leg work.

Spinning L10 10min - 3.65km
Elliptical 10 min - 1km

Leg press 105kg 3x5
Leg extension 65kg 3x5
Adductor 42kg 3x5
Abductor 63kg 3x5

3 assisted pull ups. 35kg

Woke up yesterday ready to go for my run, but my legs just would.not.go. Got about 0.2 miles in and stopped dead. Decided I would attempt to get to the gym early for kettlebells, and force a mile out on the treadmill then.

Which I did. Ugh. Slow and hard and head totally bashing me. Then the level 2 class full of LUNGES. Ouch.

Today I am tired and have used all my weekly ProPoints (not just today.. but so far) and just want to hibernate with a cuppa and a book. Trying to figure out if running a long run tonight would be sensible, before tomorrow when the DOMs could hit. Really do feel ok though, and only used a 5kg weight, so hoping I can get away with a 1 miler tonight, before doing the bridge training tomorrow/Sunday.

So, tired. And overeaten. And ugh. Feeling stuck a bit in a cycle of maintaining, gaining, losing these same few lbs. But then, trying to not get bogged by the scale, and keep the bigger picture in mind. I've lost 4 stone, I'm doing well with the gym, running, etc. The eating I am doing is not total junk, but it is sugar a lot of the time. Need to plan out all of next week, buy ONLY what I need to make the meals planned, and avoid baking!!

But, good things! The post arrived, and with it our tickets for The Big Bang Fair next weekend.

We'd booked to go Sunday, but now cannot go that day so booked on Saturday as well, but meant we had tickets to booked out events we couldn't attend. I posted on Facebook and found a friend going as a party of 6, who was very glad to take them all. Yay!

Our Insect Lore butterfly raising kit arrived too! Looked it over quickly with 4 very excited smalls, and ordered our caterpillars to arrive next Wednesday. :) We should have butterflies to release at the end of April. Another of my 30by30 items getting done. (I'll have to check, but I believe that it's looking like they'll all be done for September, pretty bloody good for a procrastinator).

Got the kids caught up with their Nature Detectives challenges (well worth joining up if you have kids - £20 for a year for up to 6 children, lots of resources/ideas for nature/based activities) after they got the bug back now we've been outdoors a bit more. We've been for a muddy stomp and written about it, dyed daffodils, and are pressing flowers to make a big wall print/collage thing.

Looking forward to more sunshine and warmer days to spend out, walking and finding places, and not staying home and baking myself into temptation every week!

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