Monday, March 04, 2013

Head down, powering through.

Asked Sam to take a photo of me last night, sitting in the same position as I am in my 'top weight' photo from last June. I've lost 4stone 5lb since then, and have another 4 stone that I'd like to lose, to hit a BMI of 20.1, and - mostly - to be 1/2 my original weight!
I still feel  like the top photo sometimes, especially when I see myself naked, or look in a mirror. I see bad posture, extra weight, joint pain. It's good to look at these photos and see that there is a real difference. Even slumping forward on purpose in the bottom pic, my back is so much better than it was. I can flex my feet without pain, I'm putting my arms in between my knees to copy the pose on top, not because that's the closest I can get before my belly gets in the way.

Spring in my step this moring, I headed out to weigh in ready to meet the new leader

previous weight - 180 BMI 30.9
current weight - 173 BMI 29.7
loss - 7lb
% loss - 3.9%

Happy with that, very happy. Going to stick to it this week and hope for another biggish loss, as I've only been on track for 4 days.

I reckon I can give myself a mini-goal of hitting 70lbs off for the 25th. That'll be my 5 stone, and into the 11 stones, both of which feel well over the 'halfway' mark when I think of them.


  1. Well done!! You look incredible - good luck with the rest of your weightloss xxx

  2. That's an absolutely *amazing* difference in you there Joy. You should be proper proud of yourself!

    1. Seeing it there, I feel really pleased with the obvious difference. It's weird, I *know* that I feel better, but then I still feel massive. Going to take lots more work on my head!

  3. You're looking WONDERFUL! Keep going, you can do it! I absolutely love following your progress. I know how very much work it takes. <3