Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hump Day

This was me first thing -

Actually, that's not really true. After 5 days running, and gym and back on track eating, I felt sore, but not tired..

I just did not want to get out of bed at 6.30am and head to the gym for more.

Of course, once I'd been to the bathroom, I had an understanding of why my legs felt so knackered. How does the month come around that fast?! Decided to be kind to my poor self, and aside from the mile run needed, I'd leave my legs alone today.

Treadmill mile 11 mins

Shoulder press 27.5kg 3x5
Fly  55kg 3x5
Pulldown 50kg 3x5

Tricep dips 3x16

Russian twists w/medicine ball 16 taps in all 3 sets
Reverse curls 3x16
Renegade rows 3x16
Static plank 3x45 seconds

Those planks are getting less totally unbearable. I can begin to believe that I may recover my abdomen some day if I continue to work hard.

Spent the day pottering about, clearing the garden a bit so the kids could play out on the trampoline. Asda order arrived and made me smile. I like a full fridge and cupboards.

Got on and made up batches of flapjack (with banana in, and I left the mix alone, phew) Got a chicken marinating ready for later this week. Cooked up the thighs left from yesterday and made the Spanish Style Chicken Bake again, but with breast instead of thighs, and butternut squash rather than potato. Took the ProPoints from 37 to 18!

I've been offered another lift to the gym tonight, but what with my workout this morning, cramps and knowing I have to run first thing tomorrow (and then do kettlebells in the evening) I'm wondering if a night in might be a plan! I could, like, sit and read or something! ;)

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