Friday, March 01, 2013

Kettlegirls level 1, done.

Kettlegirls level 1 is done. I have the bruises  to show for it! Used a 6kg last night, and after 10 days with no kettlebell training, feeling it today, my bum feels like I've fallen on ice, ha! The aim over the next 6 weeks is to build up to using an 8kg. When we started I was in agony after using a 4kg. Again, I love seeing how quickly the body responds to training, fab!

someone had a dodgy deathgrip on her kettlebell..

I'm booked on to start level 2 next week, then will have time to get through level 3 before the summer. I'd hoped to complete level 1 for March, and I'm ahead a little, but that's just as well because I need to focus on my running to hit 10k for next month.

Taking part in the March - run every day challenge should help with that. If I do 2 training runs a week, and just 1 mile every other day, I ought to hit >52miles over the month, doubling what I managed in January!


  1. I love kettlebells but don't use them nearly enough. Sounds like a fun workout!

    1. I need to make a habit of training 2-3 times a week, love doing it too. Hopefully once I've got through my mad March running challenge, I can pick up the weights more.