Friday, March 01, 2013

March : Renewal

Spring is here, so it's time to dust off your bravery ... Your challenge this month is to try something new.

 I LOVE that spring is here. It's still cold out, and dark before 6pm, but there's a promise of fresh life, more light, warmer days. I am so, so ready for some lightness, I pushed through winter really well, but the last month I've felt not so strong, not so fired up, a little overwhelmed.

March is a new beginning, and I'm running with it. Ha, ouch.

I haven't run every day in a row. Ever. Always given myself a 'rest' between days. But really, 10 minutes a day for 5 days a week, and two full runs, is totally manageable. If a little scary.

I am trying so many new things right now too - the kettlebells class is something I am beginning to feel comfy with, and I'm really getting into the training to do with Beaver Scouts now. Both outside my comfort zone, but happening, and I feel happier for it.

My friend Jayne gave me a core/abs circuit to do a few days ago - and it means going into the free weights section of the gym. Which is scary for some unknown reason. But, it's March, and time for growth.

So - March, I have done my 13in13 goal, but am going to work towards the 10k for April, and at the same time complete the run every day challenge. I am going to do the awesome abs circuit that I've been given, even if crossing that 4 foot floorspace at the gym makes me wig out.

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