Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RIP Laptop

It's blue screened it's last.

Have hijacked the husbeast's PC to update the blog, although I have the app on my phone,
I HATE IT. And refuse to use it.

It's been a busy/tiring/full week.

Thursday was a fairly easy going day. I tracked, bleached and dyed my hairs, ran and went to kettlebells to further stretch out my bum muscles. Being March 14th, we had steak. Tuna steak recipe from those hairy dieters went down REALLY well. Husbeast was off work for the day, it was a GOOD DAY.
My mile for Thursday was run partly downhill, and so I managed it in 9:26 - even with waiting for traffic while crossing the road.
The only crappy point came as I walked home after kettlegirls, I managed to fall down the kerb as I stepped back away from a turning car, and skineed/bruised my ankle. Ouch.

Friday I was okayish. Felt hungry and wanted to munch all day long. Felt really crash-y all day. Craving sugar and feeling totally shattered. Towards late afternoon I went very weak on my right side, and my vision was wobbly. Realised I had a migraine coming, and started panicking. LOTS. I had plans set for the next 3 days that couldn't be moved and I *needed* to be well for.
Came back 'up' again fairly quickly, on Saturday afternoon. Meant that I'd missed getting to the big bang fair, and I was gutted. Think the trigger was the ammonia in the bleach on the Thursday. It'd been 3 months since I last bleached, and I'd gotten some on my skin. Guh.
The violet grrrrl is back. And brought pain with her.
Gorgeous starbaby
Sunday morning we were all up and out by 7.30am to get up to Bermondsey for a special celebration. We dodged the rain quite well, and got to church in time to see my friends' little girl get baptised, and to have the INCREDIBLE honour of standing by them as they gave thanks for their youngest son.

I'd made the rice salad from the Hairy Dieters book to take with. Made loads of the stuff, excited to be able to use it for the shared lunch. Sam had tried some the night before and said it was good. I trusted him, all the recipes have tasted lovely.

It was GRIM. Seriously nasty. I nearly cried for my poor mouth when I ate some. Totally hilarious cooking FAIL. The shame!

Got home, ate chocolate on the way back as we were all tired and cold. My feet were dying in my New Rock boots. My blister plaster came off and I had no spare, my ankle was re-shredded and I could barely hobble by the time we got home. 

Monday morning I woke up ready to spend the day getting prepared for my module validation at Beavers that night. Didn't go to weight in as I wanted to spare my feet the pain! I had prepared the activity for the evening, wrote out instructions/plans for the other leaders, learnt the policy, fundamentals resource lists of by heart. Got down to the hut an hour early to set up, and had everything ready to go for when the kids arrived.

The session went really well - even my boys, who'd spent the week watching me try the experiments over and over for best results, enjoyed it.

The discussion/questions after were so much less formal/scary than I'd feared, and I was home and validated on the essential modules before I knew it.

Yesterday I went to the gym, and felt good for it. Spent the day catching up on housework a bit, and washing up. Dishwasher has died again, and almost every single thing in the kitchen was used. Yuck.

Spinning 15m 7km

Shoulder press 25kg 3x6
Fly  55kg 3x6
Pulldown 50kg 3x6

Russian twists w/medicine ball 16 taps in all 3 sets
Reverse curls 3x16
Plank 3x45s
Renegade rows 3x16
Tricep Dips 3x16

Today I'm feeling lots better, my cold is nearly gone. The kitchen is clean. I've hoovered and cleaned out the reptiles, am back on top of the housework. Have nothing hanging over my head freaking me out. My eating has not been great, but it's not been terrible. I need to get back to things. Again. Still, I'm good. My feet are healing up, and I'm aiming to get on with the 10k training this weekend.

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