Saturday, March 02, 2013

Run Every Day Challenge

I needed something to push me into 'reboot' and get me out running again, I'd started to backslide after completing c25k. AGAIN. But this year I have events booked that I *need* to be a better runner to enjoy, no letting go of things.

Saw the event RUN EVERY DAY IN MARCH : CHALLENGE on Facebook, and it was meant to be.

1/31 - Ran 1.1 miles with Maya, in around 12 minutes.
2/31 - Ran 1 mile in 10:28 - tired legs, gym in the morning. Still did it. I *WILL* see sub 10 minutes in the next couple of weeks!
3/31 - Ran 1 mile in 10:05 - legs felt a bit tight and niggly still, and 0.2 mile in I almost stopped, thinking I was barely moving.. glad I didn't!
4/31 - Ran 1 mile ON A TREADMILL. Ugh. In 09:54 though, so I kinda liked it afterward. ;) No leg pain today either, wahey!
5/31 - Ran 4.05 miles. In 50 minutes. Blugh. After gym yesterday, gym this morning, running 5 days in a row... the 10k training run tonight felt HARD. And going uphill the last 10 minutes was a stoopid idea.
6/31 - Ran 1 mile in 11 minutes on the treadmill. Really beginning to doubt I am going to manage 31 days of no rest day!
7/31 - Ran 1 mile in 11:03, treadmill again, and just before kettlegirls class. Not loving it.
8/31 - Ran 1 mile in 10:57 with both girls. Anya's first 'run' wahey!
9/31 - Ran 1 mile in 12:09 with both girls. Very full of rye :s and had to stop for cash!
10/31 - No run :( too poorly.
11/31 - Ran 2 miles in 25:11 IN THE SNOW. Made up for yesterday? Both girls too.
12/31 - Ran 1 mile in 11:26 with both girls through snow and a bit of ice. Eek.
13/31 - Ran 1 mile in 10:04 on ICE! Went after 10pm, so didn't take the girls, and glad as I skated half of it!!
14/31 - Ran 1 mile in 9:26! Was downhill for a fair bit, but yay!

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