Monday, March 11, 2013

Rye-bloat for Mother's Day

I missed my run today - I have run a mile for the last 2 nights, with both girls. After cooking a big Mother's Day meal for the in-laws, I realised that my Mum's Day present (wheat-free cakes) contained enough rye to leave me gassy, running to the loo every 10 minutes, and in pain. :( Stayed up until midnight before sending myself to bed.

Had a good weekend otherwise, found a local Forest School for Seth and I to join on Monday mornings. Means more local HE connections for Seth (and me), and more time spent outdoors, being active. I've offered myself as parent helper, as Monday is my 'free' day (as far as having Sam about for the other children) Being every other week, it means I could only be at meetings every other week, so I really need to get back on track and stop messing about.

Lunch with the inlaws was good. I made a huge batch of the Hairy Dieter's chicken stew, and a few swiss rolls with popping candy chocolate filler, served with custard. Halfway through cooking the door went, and my present arrived - a pair of PURPLE New Rock boots. LOVE!

Later on my parents came over for coffee, and so we could give my mum her card too. Spent the hour sat feeling very glad I was wearing a dress, felt like I was puffing up like a balloon! I felt bloated and cross, and know eating 'treats' is to blame.

Trying to beat the laundry monster into submission, I went through my cupboards again, and found anything size 16 and bigger to sell/donate. On a whim I pulled out some size 12 jeans to see how far I had to go, expecting them to be an inch or two away from doing up.

They fit! It's been 3.5 years since I last got these on.

Sure, they are tight, and bending over I get a lovely muffin top effect. But to know that in a few lbs time I can chuck out the 2 pairs of size 14s I'm currently wearing to death is such a boost.

With the waistband of those jeans digging into my rye-bloat tummy, I'm tracking and planning all my foods for the next week. Determined to get out of the 170s, and stay out. My goals for being a healthy weight by the beginning of May are *really* pushing it now, but I CAN aim to be around 150, with these jeans so baggy they're near falling down.

Planning a gym trip first thing in the morning, and hoping this nasty toxic gas has all gone by then, or I'm going to be alone working out.

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