Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow and Butterflies

After weighing in and facing the gain on Monday, and deciding that the worst of the rye gas had blown, I went out in the snow with the girls, and ran 2 miles to make up for the missed day before. Running in wind and snow is FUN and HARD. The girls did really well - it's bang on a mile to Sainsbury's cutting across the village green, so we ran there and back with a 5 minute break to buy Breaking Dawn part 2 in the middle!

Next to the horses field, just 5 minutes up the road there was huge snow drift where the wind had pushed the snow over the empty field onto the roadside. It was up past my knees and blowing into our faces. Considering, I thought 2 miles in 25 minutes was pretty good, especially for the teeny legged two.

Beavers was good and busy, though the walk down was really cold. Felt very tired out physically by the time I got home.

Tuesday morning I had wanted to get out and run, but my bed was too warm and body too tired to get up before 8am. Spent the slow morning planning for my Beavers activities next week, revising modules, and getting meal planning and some cooking done. Asda shop arrived and I got on with making up compote, granola, some soup and chewy fruit slices. Feeling back on track a bit after 2 days together eating well and running again. Did my mile just before the girls' bedtime, meaning they came with me again. They've both run 5 miles in the last 5 days!

This morning I got up and out early to start humpday with a gym visit.

Xtrainer 15min l8 2.10km

Shoulder press 27.5kg 3x5
Fly  55kg 3x5
Pulldown 50kg 3x5

Plank 45sx3
Russian twists w/medicine ball 3kg 16 taps in all 3 sets
Reverse curls 3x16
Renegade rows 3x16

I saved my legs, as I'm hoping to get a long run in tonight, and then have run and kettlegirls tomorrow evening.

Day One

Got home to exciting post - my caterpillars have arrived! A few short weeks and we'll have raised some butterflies!!! I'm extremely excited, and amazed at how tiny the caterpillars are right now.


  1. No blogging usually means bad news - say it isn't so lovely Joy!

  2. It's not as terrible as it looks! Up a lb, but I've had a mad weekend, so figures!

    Laptop died midweek, then injury, migraine, christening, validation for beavers and now a cold has meant I've not sat down and blogged. :)

  3. Phew :-) grab the blogpress app for your phone, so you don't worry me again lol ;-)

  4. they are so cute!!! and tiny awwwww