Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Participate in a Protest

On March 25th I was in Westminster freezing my tootsies off, to support and protest for Independent Midwives.

Currently Independent Midwives are campaigning hard to save this form of midwifery which will disappear in October unless the Government changes course- http://www.independentmidwives.org.uk/?node=12764

I met Elaine (and Jasper) on the bridge, and we spent an hour at Westminster, lots of photographers were there
which is a good sign, and the speakers were fantastic. Photos on demotix - http://tinyurl.com/o26gev3

After a shivery hour, we marched to Downing Street to hand in the petition.

Before heading to go grab a cup of something warm!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=fULl20j8tOY - oneworldbirth.net video from the day

http://www.independentmidwives.org.uk/?node=12776 - please support our midwives!!

The two month catch up

After stopping running mid march, I haven't been out again. I spent March struggling to eat properly, feeling cross and hungry and binge-y. I went to the midwives protest march, got on with organising home ed trips for the kids, met with friends, looked after our cup of caterpillars and carried on with my beavers training, but couldn't get a handle on eating right again.

On the first weekend of April, I got a car! Had a terrified first few drives in it, and comfort ate my way through it. That Monday I weighed 184 at weightwatchers, up a stone from a month before. (This is going to be a theme..)

A busy week followed, landlord inspection, 3 separate maintenance days with strangers in the house, planning meetings for summer scouts programmes, and the kids got a virus. Lots of cleaning, and clearing and washing, and eating.

When summer term started mid April, I tried to 'reboot' the first Monday I went along with Seth to forest school, and dashed up to aquafit after beavers in the evening. Then ate a bunch of chocolates to celebrate. The virus resurfaced for a couple of days, and we finished the week with a fab trip to the Roman Villa at Crofton, which meant me driving through teeny squiggly country lanes. And relaxing after with cake. 

At the weekend I had St George's day parade to do with the boys. It was very depressing having to buy my smart uniform in size 16 when I had been just into a 12.

That evening I went and got our PUPPY!!!

(I've wanted a dog FOREVER, so has Sam, but we had assumed we'd not be allowed one. Finally the broodiness got too much and I asked our landlord, got a message back saying that he gave us permission to have a puppy as we were 'rather special' heh! 

He is a tri colour border collie, Sam's dream dog since I've known him, 9 weeks old and GORGEOUS.

Of course, he wasn't vaccinated, and so the next day I walked him round to the vet for his first jab, meaning that there would be three weeks until he could go out for walks. Three weeks of being stuck at home with a destructive clingy toddler. Oh yay. More cake.

Sleepless nights didn't last too long, but had an effect. I was so tired by the end of the first week. Thursday was a busy day, I took the kids over to Bromley for the second in the series of history sessions with Seth's HE group. We had to sit in the car with the puppy while Seth was in the museum. By the time we got home I was tired, then found my ticket to a Frank Turner gig I'd totally forgotten about! It was fab, but I was swaying through exhaustion to the music..
On the Saturday I had a full day training course for first aid, and having that much time to sit and not puppy watch was blissful!
I avoided weighing in the next Monday, I felt really grotty and run down, and hid at home feeling sorry for myself, before getting to beavers in the evening. 
The first week of May was not great. I realised that I'd put on another 10lbs. My clothes would not fit, I was eating rubbish and not exercising. Getting the dog to the vet on the same day that I went to Brighton was the most active I managed. 

Seeing Eddie was great, although Rachael was a lot more ready for Eddie than I was! The rest of the week was good too, I volunteered at moonwalk, got Seth to forest school, went and mummified oranges for the 3rd history session, saw Elaine and spent a fun day mooching around the West end, and validated over a third of my modules I need to complete my scout training. Oh, and put on another few lbs. huh.

The girls turned five last Wednesday and had a WONDERFUL day. They went to see StarTrek and went swimming, then had both families over for cake and presents. Mountains of. On Saturday we went to Brighton for a birthday visit, and to see their 'germy' aunt Rachael, we spent the afternoon outside and the kids (and dog) s-l-e-p-t the next morning. 

Sunday I took the girls and Jake for a decent longish walk to find bluebells for their nature detectives challenge. Felt so good to get out and move, that night is at down and promised myself, I'd weigh in the next day and shake off the last couple months of rubbish. I can still achieve all I set out to in 2013, the timing has just changed a little. 

Hauling myself back from the edge

The edge being all the way back to 199.8lbs. A donut more and I'd be over the 200 line.

I've been eating TERRIBLY. Seriously badly. Have had lots going on, and have kept up with life stuffs well, not becoming a hermit, getting kids out to groups and trips, and making progress with my training etc. but the healthy living? HA, No.

I broke my toe, sulked, stopped running. Got out of the habit of going to the gym, even though I now have a car to get me there. Stopped tracking and just ate WHATEVER I fancied. Not good.

After posting two weeks back, I went and grabbed some chocolate and sat on my bum. Not so motivated.

The girls birthdays have been and gone, every day since I've been berating myself for getting bigger. None of my clothes fit - and I've cleared out the bigger stuff. So I'm living in dresses (brr, and the puppy wants to EAT them) and joggers ( which are fine dog walk wear, but would fit better if I were to be more of a walker...)

So, yesterday I tracked. I walked the dog and kept off my bum. I'm down 3.2lb this morning. I have promised myself to get some catch up posts done here today so I feel like coming back to regular blogging, but first I'm off to walk a very (im)patient pup!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Walk The Walk

I'm sat on my sofa, in my pyjamas, dog napping at my feet. It's Sunday afternoon and I'm aching after spending the night stood on The Mall (outside Buckingham Palace) marshalling walkers for the marathon distance MoonWalk.

After feeling not very well all week, I perked up a bit yesterday morning. Spent the day looking out at the rain and feeling very unexcited at the idea of standing in freezing soggy London overnight.
Made my way up to Battersea Park at around 8pm, wearing Sam's huge waterproof paintball gear, after spending a couple of hours being briefed and getting ready our team was sent over to mile 13-14. I was deployed with a partner halfway along Constitution Hill, on the edge of Green Park.
The first walker came charging through just after 1am, and by 2am we had a steady flow of walkers. I was clapping and hollering encouragement for 2 hours straight - my palms feel bruised now!

Around 4.30am my partner started to flag. She had taken some painkillers for her ankles, and where she'd been peppy and happy, she was quiet. Then a walker was brought up to us unable to weight bear. She had tendonitis, but had thought she could do the walk anyway (despite having ended up in A&E after a 20 mile training walk!) her calf was swollen and her knee injured from her having overcompensated for the 13 miles she'd done. I spent the next 1.5 hours marshalling alone, doing basic first aid for the pair of them and shouting done the phone to control to get a crew out to pick them up. About 5 minutes after the last walker came through the section I had a crew from the green park medical centre take them in. I walked with the last walkers round to Victoria and jumped on a train home at 7am! Never seen London so quiet!

I'm really glad I didn't flake, it was amazing to see 17000 women (and men) marching through the dawn in their bras. I would love to do it again next year. Fully intend to take Sam's coat again though, not being cold made doing the job a LOT easier!!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


It's been a while, eh?

Have been meaning to do a round up/catch up for a couple of weeks now, wrote a novella of a post a fortnight ago only to lose it somehow..

Lots been going on, and mostly good *but* I have chucked weight on, eaten really awfully and NOT been heading out to the gym/run.

The Good

  • Butterflies were raised (yes, this is TOP NEWS)
  • Sam has set up his own business and is really happy to be working for himself.
  • I bought a car, a big blue tardis car 
  • And a puppy. I haz collie dog.
  • I've been and done the first aid course.
  • I renewed my gym membership.
  • I've been given a spot stewarding the moonwalk next week.
  • Went to protest at Westminster for independent midwives.
  • Seth started Forest school.

The Bad

  • I've put on over a stone
  • By eating crap
  • And going to the gym about 3 times in 6 weeks
  • And not running due to a 

My smashed ankle healed, but foot still hurt. Then I realised that my 'bruised' toe wouldn't move. And hurt. Manipulated it straight (as a kid I routinely had my toes manipulated to correct the deformity in them caused by my talipes, it hurt then, it hurt now) and it healed slowly. I'd say it was about 10 days ago that the ache stopped.

I've put on a lot of weight. I can feel it, see it and my clothes don't fit. I went to weightwatchers about a month ago and had gone up to 184, yesterday I was 194. Only 49lbs over my goal for today. Oops.

Yesterday I tracked, and went to the gym, and today I feel sore and hungry. I'm aiming to be back under 180 for June (yes, a stone in 3 weeks, but lets be realistic - I *can* do it) which will mean that I'm still in with a chance to be at a 'healthy weight' before my 30th.

I have dog vet appointment today, and trip to sunny Brighton to see Rachael (and Eddie) this evening, but still intending to head to the gym today too. Tomorrow I have Kettlebell class to get to, as well as a mentoring session for scout training and a history HE trip in Orpington in the afternoon. Our broadband is playing up, so I still can't use the PC to post here, but enough is enough. I need to get back on things, looking after me needs to be made a priority again, and (bizarrely) blogging seems to be very strongly tied into how well I manage that.