Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hauling myself back from the edge

The edge being all the way back to 199.8lbs. A donut more and I'd be over the 200 line.

I've been eating TERRIBLY. Seriously badly. Have had lots going on, and have kept up with life stuffs well, not becoming a hermit, getting kids out to groups and trips, and making progress with my training etc. but the healthy living? HA, No.

I broke my toe, sulked, stopped running. Got out of the habit of going to the gym, even though I now have a car to get me there. Stopped tracking and just ate WHATEVER I fancied. Not good.

After posting two weeks back, I went and grabbed some chocolate and sat on my bum. Not so motivated.

The girls birthdays have been and gone, every day since I've been berating myself for getting bigger. None of my clothes fit - and I've cleared out the bigger stuff. So I'm living in dresses (brr, and the puppy wants to EAT them) and joggers ( which are fine dog walk wear, but would fit better if I were to be more of a walker...)

So, yesterday I tracked. I walked the dog and kept off my bum. I'm down 3.2lb this morning. I have promised myself to get some catch up posts done here today so I feel like coming back to regular blogging, but first I'm off to walk a very (im)patient pup!

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