Tuesday, May 07, 2013


It's been a while, eh?

Have been meaning to do a round up/catch up for a couple of weeks now, wrote a novella of a post a fortnight ago only to lose it somehow..

Lots been going on, and mostly good *but* I have chucked weight on, eaten really awfully and NOT been heading out to the gym/run.

The Good

  • Butterflies were raised (yes, this is TOP NEWS)
  • Sam has set up his own business and is really happy to be working for himself.
  • I bought a car, a big blue tardis car 
  • And a puppy. I haz collie dog.
  • I've been and done the first aid course.
  • I renewed my gym membership.
  • I've been given a spot stewarding the moonwalk next week.
  • Went to protest at Westminster for independent midwives.
  • Seth started Forest school.

The Bad

  • I've put on over a stone
  • By eating crap
  • And going to the gym about 3 times in 6 weeks
  • And not running due to a 

My smashed ankle healed, but foot still hurt. Then I realised that my 'bruised' toe wouldn't move. And hurt. Manipulated it straight (as a kid I routinely had my toes manipulated to correct the deformity in them caused by my talipes, it hurt then, it hurt now) and it healed slowly. I'd say it was about 10 days ago that the ache stopped.

I've put on a lot of weight. I can feel it, see it and my clothes don't fit. I went to weightwatchers about a month ago and had gone up to 184, yesterday I was 194. Only 49lbs over my goal for today. Oops.

Yesterday I tracked, and went to the gym, and today I feel sore and hungry. I'm aiming to be back under 180 for June (yes, a stone in 3 weeks, but lets be realistic - I *can* do it) which will mean that I'm still in with a chance to be at a 'healthy weight' before my 30th.

I have dog vet appointment today, and trip to sunny Brighton to see Rachael (and Eddie) this evening, but still intending to head to the gym today too. Tomorrow I have Kettlebell class to get to, as well as a mentoring session for scout training and a history HE trip in Orpington in the afternoon. Our broadband is playing up, so I still can't use the PC to post here, but enough is enough. I need to get back on things, looking after me needs to be made a priority again, and (bizarrely) blogging seems to be very strongly tied into how well I manage that.


  1. Welcome back! Have missed you, especially since I have, in the last 3 weeks, started the weight loss campaign myself back at WW. Well done for getting back to it, and hope to see more of you soon! x

  2. I'm very glad to see you back!
    Reading your blog seems to help me too strangely!

    You will soon lose that weight - good luck

    Ruthie xx

  3. pup pics pleeeeeaaaaase :)

  4. You need to blog! Come on Joy, you CAN do it :-)