Sunday, May 12, 2013

Walk The Walk

I'm sat on my sofa, in my pyjamas, dog napping at my feet. It's Sunday afternoon and I'm aching after spending the night stood on The Mall (outside Buckingham Palace) marshalling walkers for the marathon distance MoonWalk.

After feeling not very well all week, I perked up a bit yesterday morning. Spent the day looking out at the rain and feeling very unexcited at the idea of standing in freezing soggy London overnight.
Made my way up to Battersea Park at around 8pm, wearing Sam's huge waterproof paintball gear, after spending a couple of hours being briefed and getting ready our team was sent over to mile 13-14. I was deployed with a partner halfway along Constitution Hill, on the edge of Green Park.
The first walker came charging through just after 1am, and by 2am we had a steady flow of walkers. I was clapping and hollering encouragement for 2 hours straight - my palms feel bruised now!

Around 4.30am my partner started to flag. She had taken some painkillers for her ankles, and where she'd been peppy and happy, she was quiet. Then a walker was brought up to us unable to weight bear. She had tendonitis, but had thought she could do the walk anyway (despite having ended up in A&E after a 20 mile training walk!) her calf was swollen and her knee injured from her having overcompensated for the 13 miles she'd done. I spent the next 1.5 hours marshalling alone, doing basic first aid for the pair of them and shouting done the phone to control to get a crew out to pick them up. About 5 minutes after the last walker came through the section I had a crew from the green park medical centre take them in. I walked with the last walkers round to Victoria and jumped on a train home at 7am! Never seen London so quiet!

I'm really glad I didn't flake, it was amazing to see 17000 women (and men) marching through the dawn in their bras. I would love to do it again next year. Fully intend to take Sam's coat again though, not being cold made doing the job a LOT easier!!

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