Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cough, splutter

Off rails completely. At least food/exercise wise. Oddly, for the first time, the rest of what I'm up to is going great. Feel on top of things. Have been doing some great home ed stuff with the brood, getting out and meeting lots of people, enjoying dog ownership greatly, looking after home is fine - usually I'd be in an even more chaotic zone than standard.. My training for scouts is going well, paperwork is filed, bills are paid, I feel fairly balanced. 

It's odd not to have my entire existence and self worth depend on the scale number.

Still, I don't want to keep eating madly, or coach-potatoing.

Knew I'd gone over 200 - was 201 last week, and that was after fasting for 30 hours. (Oh, yeh, I did it. Wow it hurt!!) Nasty, but done.

I've already guzzled breakfast this morning, but will weigh again tomorrow and go from there. :)

Yunno, after I finish all the caffeinated sugar friends hanging in my kitchen...