Tuesday, July 09, 2013

7lbs less.

Had a good week, not perfect, but good.

previous weight - 209.6 BMI 36
current weight - 202.6 BMI 34.8
Loss - 7lb
% loss - 3.34%

Feels good to be back out of 'severely obese' - just 28lbs to get me back out of obesity at all. Would like to manage it for my anniversary. Need to run more to get there. ;)

Life seems really busy right now, which is fine, but means I'm often left trying to scrape myself back together to get up and do the next thing. Looking forward to the summer hols and a chance to catch up with myself a bit.

Sam's sister had her baby last week, went to visit the next day and met my gorgeous niece ^_^ 

Other than that we had a day out at Richmond park seeing deer and climbing fallen trees, went to the zoo, went to the local fete, went to Tulleys farm to see Rachael and saw Seth invested at cubs. 

Tonight is jake dog's final puppy class, where he will (hopefully) graduate, and I will be able to switch to a more local training club to continue his bronze award thing.

I have go ape, Rachael's birthday scavenger hunt and color run this week. Much excitement. Need to clear space on my phone for pics!

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