Sunday, July 02, 2017

4 years?! Older, Wiser, Happier :)

I think I'm going to use this space again, to ramble health (size/shape/diet/mental kindness/body feelings) thoughts at.

I thought about doing a 'catch up' but I've no clue where I'd start.

Big changes would be that last July I gave birth again - our fifth baby turns 1 in 3 weeks.

I've worked hard on my mental health/body issues. I refuse to follow a diet plan which wants me to believe I'm 'good' if losing/scale can measure my worth etc. (I'm not saying they're crap for everyone - just for this ED grrrl, a decade of weightwatchers was AWFUL.)

I shot up to 18 stone (252lbs) and stayed there for a couple years. Beginning of 2015 I'd found a good mental space where I felt 'worthy' as I was. By spring I began eating more mindfully and weight started to go down. Then we moved out of the flat in Sept/Oct and by Nov I discovered Solbaby was on the way.

I began my pregnancy at 245lbs and continued eating carefully, looking after my body, pacing activities and maintaining routines and self care. It was not an easy pregnancy in that while I felt great and baby grew happily, blood antibodies meant we had lots of intervention and I had to work through leftover birth trauma and ptsd to come through the vbac induction that became necessary.
Nevertheless, we did. Last July at term I weighed 252, a gain of 7lbs, for an 8lb baby. Pretty chuffed!

I chose to give myself the fourth trimester to just indulge my desire to lose myself in new motherhood, in a way that circumstances meant I never could with the others. I dropped about 20lbs in the first 6 weeks, and then maintained.  Breastfeeding meant that my weight was stable at around 16.5stone (230lbs) as long as I listened to my body and ate well.

 Sol turned 9 months in April and I started to feel the itch to focus back on my health a bit. I've used Exante shakes to get breakfast in, and tracked what I'm eating using mfp.
As of June I've gone back to vegetarianism, I've been on prescription vitamin D for 3 months, I'm maintaining my self care routines and have joined a local gym with the aim of attending yoga twice weekly and swimming twice weekly (and maybe if baby allows, to revisit the weights!)

I currently weigh just over 14 stone (198lb) and am loosely aiming to reach 12 stone for my birthday end of September.

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