Cook The Hairy Dieters!

13 in 13 - group challenge, monthly goals based on themes

30 things to do by 30

GetReadyForEddie - Hit a healthy BMI by May

RunEveryDay Challenge - Run at least 1 mile every day in March


The Biggest Loser Winter 2012 -  Where Rachael and I have a bit of a laugh losing weight and making certificates on 'paint'.

Shredding September -  

Skirtember 2011 - wear a skirt each day of September

100 Days Challenge

Dressember - Wear a dress every day of December

Awesome August - exercise 24 of the 31 days of August.

Couch to 5k (c25k) Run 5k without stopping with just 9 weeks of training. Completed in 6 weeks during summer 2010, with an obese BMI!

The positive effects water challenge - 3 weeks of drinking the recommended 8 glasses of pure, unflavoured water each day.

The Two Hundred Squats challenge. Completed June 2009, when I did 300 without a break!

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