Welcome to my chaos.

This blog is mostly following my weight related ramblings, with drips and spurts from moments of my life that I want to share.

I’m a slightly dippy, ex-smoker/binge-drinker/bulimic, final year psychology drop-out (because I was busy giving birth and moving hundreds of miles away) mum of a gorgeous brood of halflings, all born inside 3 years.

Married in 2003, at the skinny age of 19, 4 babies and 9 years later I am twice the girl I was on my big day!

Hit an all time high of 232lbs in 2007, and headed to my nearest WeightWatchers meeting. A year and surprise twin pregnancy later and I was back again at 222lbs, fighting the belly baby bulge battle while breastfeeding my youngest two. 3.5 years on and it's been a roller coaster, having lost 6 stone, then regained it all (with a few downs and ups in the middle)

Starting back in June 2012 weighing 234lbs, I'm not stopping 'til I fit in my wedding dress!! (and let's face it, even then it's not stopping, it's a whole 'nother journey on maintenance.)

I like to read online, run with loud music in my headphones and dance in my kitchen as I bake. I don’t like socks, buttons or being told to go to bed. I’m a bit addicted to yoghurt, but would be a size zero if I had to exist on bananas. I home educate my 4 kids, and love learning. I am easily enraged, fiercely loyal and a procrastinator. My intentions are good, keeping my attention is a challenge. I was born at the end of September, though due in August. I’m stubborn, and I still don’t get out of bed without a fight.

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